By: Jasmine Rosenberry/Compliance Management Solutions 

Security guards, install technicians, salespeople, alarm monitoring personnel … these people are at the forefront of every security company. While many of these companies are licensed, some forget that their employees may need to be licensed as well. Whether an employee is required to be licensed depends on several factors including their job responsibilities, the type of customer information they can access, the locations in which they work, and the location to which these services are delivered. 

The requirements and process for an employee license or registration will vary depending on the jurisdiction, but often include such things as: 

  • Minimum Age Requirements 
  • Experience 
  • Industry Training
  • Acceptable Criminal History Background
  • Completion of an Exam

Continuing Education (CE)

In many jurisdictions, certain categories of employees must take classroom or online classes every renewal cycle to maintain their licenses. 

These classes are often referred to as continuing education or CE. Depending on the state in which you are conducting business, the type and amount of CE required of employees can vary drastically as well as the specific courses or course providers that are approved by the jurisdiction. 

Example of Employee Registration Requirements in Different States

Texas Department of Public SafetyNorth Carolina Alarm System Licensing Board
Who must register:Alarm installers and alarm monitors 
Who must register:Any employee working inside NC if they: Have access to confidential information detailing the design, installation, or application of any location-specific electronic security system or that has access to any code, number, or program that would allow the system to be modified, altered, or circumvented.-or-Install or service an electronic security system in a commercial business establishment or a personal residence within the state of NC. Employees engaged only in sales or marketing that do not involve any of the above are not required to be registered. 
CE requirements:Alarm installers: 16-hour Alarm Level I training during their first twelve months of initial licensure and 8 hours of CE in each subsequent renewal cycle Alarm monitors: 4 hours of CE each renewal cycle (This includes alarm monitors that work in other states but monitor customer accounts within TX)CE requirements:3 hours of CE every 2 years 
Are CE certs submitted to the state: No (they must be kept on file by the security company and provided to the TX DPS inspector during their annual audit) Are CE certs submitted to the state: Yes, the renewal application will not be processed without the required CE certificates. 

Allowing an employee to perform regulated duties without a license or without completing their required CE can result in fines and other penalties against the company and their license holder.

As you see, the requirements for Continuing Education vary greatly among different jurisdictions. This is where Compliance Management Solutions can help.

The Solution

At Compliance Management Solutions, we take our vast knowledge of Employee Licensing requirements and apply it to the specific compliance needs of your company. 

We streamline these complex processes for you by preparing the application packages, running the required background checks, scheduling fingerprint appointments, and enrolling employees in any required entry or continuing education courses. This allows you to focus on your business while ensuring everyone is properly licensed and avoiding fines and disciplinary actions associated with non-compliance.

Schedule your call with Compliance Management Solutions today and let us make licensing easy.