Employee Licensing

Don’t get bogged down in all the details and complexity of employee licensing. We can tell you which of your employees need to be licensed and we can manage the process for you. 

Employee licensing made easy

Do you know which employees need to be licensed? 

That varies from state to state and depends on lots of different factors like:

  • What type of work is the employee doing?
  • Where are they physically located?
  • Where are their customers located?

And then there’s entry education requirements, continuing education requirements and renewal schedules to track.

It’ll make you want to throw your hands up and shout, ENOUGH!

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We prepare the application, schedule any required education or certification courses and tests, and follow the application until the employee application is approved. 

And if you are providing armed or unarmed private security guards, we can prepare and submit those applications as well.

We can then put the license in our renewal pool so you can forget about it! We’ll even track, schedule and manage the continuing education requirements for you.

Like everything else in compliance, employee licensing can be complex and frustrating. Let us help!

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