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There are a myriad of alarm permitting requirements in cities and counties across the US. These requirements vary greatly from one jurisdiction to the next. These permit requirements include installation permits and alarm user permits.

What is an Alarm User Permit and why is it important?

 An alarm user permit is a permit issued to an alarm user by a city or county allowing the operation of the alarm system within that jurisdiction.

Alarm user permits are easy to overlook but usually not for long, as the penalties can often be costly for both the alarm company and the alarm user.

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Alarm user permits are required by many local authorities or municipalities for both commercial and residential premises that have an alarm installed. These permits are required regardless of whether the system was installed by a technician or the alarm user themselves (do it yourself systems). In some jurisdictions, alarm systems must be permitted even if they are not professionally monitored.

False Alarm Ordinances

A brief history of alarm permitting

Police and fire departments respond to millions of emergency alarm calls nationwide every year, but between 98 and 99 percent of these calls are unnecessary. Responding to so many false alarms results in exorbitant costs and poses a serious threat to police and fire department effectiveness and community safety.

To address the false alarm problem, many municipalities have enacted false alarm ordinances. These ordinances generate revenue that can be used to off-set some of these costs. More importantly, they have proven effective in lowering the rate of false alarms.

Many cities and counties have formed False Alarm Reduction Units or False Alarm Reduction Programs to administer and ensure compliance with false alarm ordinances. These False Alarm Reduction Units and Programs are responsible for registering alarm companies and their users, collecting permit fees, and assessing fines for unregistered systems and excessive false alarms.

Municipality Ordinances, Rules, & Laws- What You Need To Know

Many cities and counties within the US have alarm ordinances that break down the requirements for the alarm user permit. Important information to look for includes:

  • Who is responsible for registering the permit – the alarm company or the user?
  • What is the alarm user permit fee?
  • What fines are charged for false alarms and is it the alarm company or end user that is responsible for paying these fines?
  • Are permit renewals required? How often?
  • What are the duties of the alarm user & alarm company?

These ordinances vary significantly between each jurisdiction.

Your responsibilities as an alarm company will vary depending on whether you installed the system, subcontracted the installation of the system, or monitor the system. It is important that you know precisely what your company is responsible for as outlined in the ordinance. These responsibilities may include:

  • Initial alarm user permit registration and renewal
  • Providing permit number on dispatch requests
  • False alarm fines and/or fines for failure to register an alarm system
  • Informing alarm users of the ordinance and their responsibilities

In some jurisdictions, you will not be able to renew a local alarm company license or registration if there are any unpaid fines or fees due related to alarm user permits.

Alarm installation permitting education

Let us help In Alarm Permitting! CMS can:

valuable alarm permitting infoProvide information about your specific responsibilities in each jurisdiction

Fire alarm permittingHandle the permit registration process for you

Auto renewalTrack the permit and submit the renewal prior to expiration

CMS understands the ever-changing rules and ordinances in each jurisdiction within the US. With more and more cities adding false alarm units throughout the US, it is more important than ever to make sure you don’t miss these requirements.

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Alarm Installation Permits

Alarm Installation Permits

Many jurisdictions require an installation permit before an alarm system can be installed. Failure to obtain the installation permit may result in a fine and prevent the issuance of an alarm user permit.

Failure to obtain an alarm user permit can result in additional fines. Worse, some jurisdictions in the US will not respond to dispatch requests for non-permitted systems.

Not sure what the installation permit requirements are in a particular jurisdiction? Every city and county has their own process, forms and fees for installation permits.

Let CMS help in Alarm Permitting!

We eliminate the confusion by letting you know exactly what the requirements are in each jurisdiction in which you are working.

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