Why choose Compliance Management Solutions for licensing?

  • We have an in-depth understanding of the security industry and thorough knowledge of the regulations that impact your business
  • Our services are aligned with state and local regulations to ensure complete compliance and licensing for your organization
  • Our menu-driven approach allows you to determine our level of involvement
  • The process we’ve developed makes compliance easy

We make licensing and compliance easy

Reading regulations is time-consuming, boring and often confusing. Many companies don’t have the in-house expertise to quickly determine which licenses are needed and how to obtain them. Maintaining a license takes a lot of time and planning as well. All of this just delays your entry into the market and the revenue you could be generating. 

We utilize a proven Licensing process that is simple and quick.

Based on your specific business model, we can tell you exactly which licenses your company and employees are required to hold AND we complete all of the paperwork for you! 

No need to spin your wheels reading statutes and websites or trying to reach a licensure board. We already know what you need and how to get it! 

Our process is fast so you can start working and growing revenue right away!

We are the only company in the country providing licensing and compliance assistance exclusively to the security industry and we have been doing this since 2011!

When it comes to licensing, compliance, and permitting, our management team has your back!

Kate Fisher

Kate Fisher


After working for years in operations and program management for several tech firms, Kate stumbled upon the electronic security and life safety industry. While assisting a nationwide alarm company with their own licensing and compliance, she suddenly realized there was a huge need for a service that could simplify the entire licensing process and drive down the internal cost to companies in the industry. Over the last 11 years, she has built an extensive knowledge database and helped hundreds of companies quickly expand into new areas of the country.

Katie McAlister

Katie McAlister

Director of Operations & Sales

A Minnesota Native that discovered the wonderful warmth in North Carolina. One of her main reasons for joining the CMS team in 2015 was the collaborative team that continually focused on customer service.  Today that spirit has only grown into a passion for customizing the clients experience by providing personalized solutions to meet and exceed each client’s goals. 

Our team makes compliance and licensing frictionless.

We have a team of compliance and licensing experts who have been trained under our management team and are ready to start working on your compliance needs. 

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