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You have better things to do than spend time learning all there is about licensing and worrying if it is being done correctly. 

State licensing made easy

State licensing can be complex and time-consuming and the risks associated with non-compliance at the state level are severe. Disciplinary actions in one state can impact your ability to obtain licenses in other states as well.

CMS guides you through the licensing process, doing the painful administrative work for you.

CMS makes state compliance simple by:

  • Identifying the appropriate individuals to act as Qualifying Agents (QA’s) for each state
  • Identifying and coordinating any entry education or certification courses needed by QA’s
  • Preparing and submitting Professional License applications
  • Managing the renewal schedule for all state licenses
  • Completing and submitting license renewal applications prior to deadline
  • Submitting corporate changes and Qualifying Agent changes within state statute limits
  • Monitoring continuing education requirements and coordinating coursework
  • Performing background checks
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License Qualifiers in State Licensing

Most state licenses will require a license “qualifier”. The license qualifier is the person who meets the experience requirement and takes the state licensing exam. Experience and exam requirements vary from state to state. Some states, like Alabama, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, and South Carolina, require entry education or certification coursework prior to licensure.

State licensing at CMS


Reciprocity, or licensure via endorsement, is sometimes available for license qualifiers already licensed in another state. An application is still required, but the state exam may be waived in certain cases provided the license qualifier meets specific requirements.

Continuing Education

Many states have continuing education (CE) requirements that must be completed prior to the renewal of the state license. The specifics vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction. For instance:

• North Carolina requires each alarm license holder to complete 6 hours of CE every 2 years. Training must be provided by a vendor approved by the state. The CE must be reported on a specific form and submitted with the renewal application.

• For Texas alarm companies, owners must complete 8 hours of CE each renewal cycle. Although TX does not have a list of approved training vendors, seven (7) hours of the content must relate to the category of licensure held and (1) must related to ethics. The CE certificates are not submitted to the state, however they must be kept on file and provided for inspection when TX DPS conducts their annual audit of the business records.

• New York has no CE requirements for alarm license holders, while New Jersey requires 36 hours of CE for each triennial license period.

Understanding the various requirements for obtaining and maintaining state licenses across multiple jurisdictions is complex and time-consuming.

Here’s How We Can Help in State Licensing

License Application at CMS

Easy Process

We streamline these complex processes for you by preparing the application packages, running the required background checks, scheduling fingerprint appointments, enrolling license holders in any required certification courses, scheduling the examination, and scheduling license holders in the required entry or continuing education courses.

centralized documentation for CMS

Organized System

From managing the required documents to facilitating license renewal, our system keeps everything organized and up-to-date. We provide specific instructions tailored to each application, simplifying the licensing process

Saved to the cloud compliance documents

Data Centralization

By centralizing all licensing-related data, we make it easy for the company to document compliance during audits and inspections by state agencies. Our state licensing solution empowers businesses to focus on their core operations while maintaining confidence in their compliance status, all with our user-friendly services.

CMS Time to Renew

Automated Renewals

Once the license is issued, we can put it in our renewal pool so you can forget about it! We’ll even check, track, schedule and manage the continuing education requirements for you.

This allows you to avoid a fine or disciplinary action associated with non-compliance, so you can focus on your business.

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In Conclusion, Easier Licensing For Security Companies is Possible!

Like everything else in compliance, state licensing can be complex and frustrating. Compliance Management Solutions offers comprehensive licensing solutions to help businesses navigate the complex world of licensing requirements. Ensuring your company is properly licensed is a critical aspect of compliance management. Our system puts you in control, streamlining the process and ensuring adherence to all necessary regulations. Let us help!

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