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You don’t need to spend your days worried and fussing over what local licenses you need and how to get them. Let us take care of all your licensing needs.

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Despite the enormous work associated with local licensing, it is important not to overlook these requirements. Gaps in compliance lead to increased business risks.

Local licensing authorities are adept at detecting unlicensed activity and generating fines. In fact, fines from local agencies can become a significant burden for many companies. Among other methods, regulatory agencies will often utilize alarm user permits or dispatch requests to identify unlicensed activity.

To make matters worse, more and more jurisdictions are now refusing to respond to dispatch requests for non-permitted systems, creating security gaps for your customers.



In addition to state license requirements, many cities and counties have their own license and registration requirements as well

These include business licenses, alarm company registrations, contractor registrations and low voltage licenses.

Even if you have no physical presence in a jurisdiction, you may be required to obtain a local license if revenue is being derived from customers located there.  With over 90,000 local jurisdictions, it’s extremely time-consuming to stay on top of all the requirements, taking you away from other important business priorities.

Business license
alarm company registration
contractor registration
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How we help with local licensing

With our process, we will tell you exactly what local licenses you need based on your specific business model!

Not only do we handle the research for you, but we can also prepare and submit the applications.

We can also manage the renewal schedule for all your local licenses and registrations so you can forget about them!

In addition to managing the renewal schedule, we can prepare and submit the renewal applications prior to expiration.

The local licensing and renewal process can be time-consuming and confusing. We know because we have been handling local licensing for the security industry for years. We make local licensing and renewals simple, so you can focus on what you do best!

Local Licensing at CMS
Question for CMS customers

Have you ever received a letter or email from a municipal agency requesting that you submit a license application and wondered… wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource you could turn to with questions. You might want to know:

Is this license really needed for the type of work we’re doing?
Is the license still required even if our company has no physical presence in this jurisdiction?
Do I have to pay a fine? Under what conditions might the jurisdiction be willing to waive the fine?
Can the license fee be prorated if we aren’t applying at the beginning of the license period?
How often does the license need to be renewed? What are the fees?
Is a background check, experience or test required to obtain the license?

When you partner with CMS, you have on-demand access for all your licensing related questions! A trusted expert via phone or email to help you navigate the ever-changing regulations and laws. In some states, like Colorado for example, alarm companies are not regulated under a state licensing board. In these states, alarm companies will often find local municipalities have requirements and multiple licenses may be required depending on your business model. Believe it or not, there are a handful of states that do not regulate the burglar alarm industry through a state regulatory agency; this is where you will find more prevalent local license requirements.

No-Fuss. No worry. Local licensing made easy


Our mission is to make licensing and compliance simple by reducing the frustration and confusion experienced when dealing with the multitude of requirements and jurisdictions and giving you back both time and peace of mind.  We research the licenses needed based on your specific business model and then handle the paperwork, so you don’t have to.

Contact us today and see how we can simplify the licensing process for you.


Easy local licensing at CMS

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