Other State Filings

Before you transact business outside your state of formation, you’ll need to register as a foreign entity. It’s a quick and simple process that CMS can take care of for you. 

Other state filings made easy

If you aren’t registered as a foreign entity, then you are not able to transact business legally in that state. In the event of a contract dispute or payment issue, your contract will not be legally enforceable.

Many states will even approve your license application unless you are able to prove that you are registered and qualified to transact business inside the state.

Once registered, most states have ongoing reporting requirements in order to remain in good standing with the state. We can handle all of your annual and biennial reporting requirements as well so you don’t have to. 

Filing these reports on time is critical!

Failure to do so can result in late fees and even revocation of your foreign registration, meaning you can no longer legally transact business in the state.  This can also prevent you from being able to renew your state license.

Let us help you get all the necessary filings completed so you’re covered! 

Other State Filings 1

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